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Shantou Kingstar Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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We are through promoting the management theories of enterprises and admit to enterprise's values, have formed stronger cohesive force in enterprise and working calling sense.


We are following after progress hard!


We build a kind of new family's culture with harmonious warmth. Through various kinds of ways to propagate culture, make every staff have a kind of sense of ownership, can be immersed in corporate culture from the words and deeds, morals, thinking, values, and so on. Come into being the unique visual angle and individual character of Kingstar person, have converged a firm and upward strength of enterprise's essential mainstream.


We offer the high-quality ultrasonic machine to customer, and create more benefits for customer. This is surmounting oneself style of Kingstar person's industrious and surefooted, and keeping improving. It makes Kingstar person to pursue cultural knowledge, renewal conventional idea constantly, draw the scientific and technical result, put into the cultural construction. We will make arduous efforts to improving the corporate culture.


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Tel: 86-754-88859599  Fax: 86-754-88874599